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Construction is one of the biggest industries in the UK - constantly innovating and adapting to support our swinging economy.

Here at Construction Support Line we understand that for the industry to thrive and employment levels to remain high, support is needed from the bottom-up to keep it in good shape. We also understand that hard work really does pay off.

Which is why since 2010 we’ve helped thousands of construction people (and counting) find their feet in the industry. How? By tackling new challenges head-on and smashing our targets along the way.

Construction Support

Everyday life

Working at Construction Support Line isn’t just about helping people in the construction industry. It’s also about working in an environment that inspires and encourages our team to be the best that they can be. We actively encourage our team members to develop as many new skills and talents as they possibly can by putting them at the heart of new and inspiring projects everyday.

In our opinion, everyday brings a different challenge. But rather than fear it, our team members embrace it seeing it as an opportunity to develop new skills and evolve the company for the better.

Our values

We’re proud of the work we do at Construction Support Line. And what’s more we get to do it in a fun and fast paced office. Which explains why everyday our team go about their business with a smile on their faces. We’ve achieved this by working by values that are close to our hearts.

Graduate scheme

We love giving young people a chance to realise their career potential. Which is why we have a graduate scheme in place for those looking to make a first break in their career.

We are regularly looking for new talent to join our various departments - like our thriving Construction Support Line call centre, busy web department and NVQ centre.

Interested? Just send a copy of your CV to and we’ll get back to you.

Current jobs

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