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Looking to get a Carpentry NVQ?

  • Range of trades and levels available
  • On Site Assessment and Training
  • Qualify for the next CSCS Card
  • Official NVQ Test Centre
  • Pay by instalments

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Carpentry NVQ

Improve your job skills and advance your career with a Carpentry NVQ

You need not leave your place of work to be assessed for the Carpentry NVQ which will lead to your CSCS card. Through an OSAT (On Site Assessment and Training), our qualified team of assessors will assess your skills on the job.

  • CSCS Card
  • NVQ Level
  • Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is assessment for the Carpentry NVQ conducted?

The Carpentry NVQ is a practical assessment that is hinged on the ability to do the job as required. Assessment is thus done on site. Our approved assessor will observe how you work, how you relate with other workers on site and your knowledge of key carpentry terms. You need not lose a day at work (and hence the pay) during the Carpentry NVQ assessment.

How long does the Carpentry NVQ assessment take?

The time it takes will depend on the specific NVQ you are applying for and which experiences you have.

What specific areas are assessed for the Carpentry NVQ?

Each Carpentry NVQ assessment is split into mandatory and optional units. All candidates must sit and pass the mandatory units. In addition, you must choose one unit from the list of optional ones that you will be evaluated on.

How much should I expect to pay for the carpentry NVQ?

Construction Support Line allows you to pay for the NVQ assessment in installments. The first deposit starts at as low as £ 150. For details of the total cost of a specific Carpentry NVQ please call our team on 0203 051 1004 to get more information about it.

What qualifications do I need before I can apply for the Carpentry NVQ?

There is no formal qualification that you must possess before you can apply for an NVQ assessment.

What happens if I do not pass one or more Carpentry NVQ units?

Passing both the mandatory units and the one optional unit is required before you can get your NVQ. If you fail units during your Plastering NVQ you just have to be reassessed. You may also take extra units to make up the amount of credits you need to pass the NVQ.

I am not sure which Health, Safety & Environment Test I should take for my CSCS card

The Operative Health, Safety & Environment Test is the most appropriate for carpenters applying for a CSCS card after passing the Carpentry NVQ.

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