civil engineer

civil engineer

Job Description

Civil Engineers are responsible for planning, designing and overseeing construction projects of all kinds.

The scope for a Civil Engineer’s skills is huge, and they can secure work on and are not limited to projects such as railways, airports, harbours, roads, dams, power plants, and water and sewage systems.


Required NVQ

Graduate Red Technical Management & Supervisory CSCS Card

NVQ Trainee

Gold CSCS Card (Supervisors)

NVQ Level 3

Black CSCS Card (Managers)

NVQ Level 4

White/Yellow PQP CSCS Card


Why is this a Job for Me?

If you have great technical skills with a knowledge of physics and maths, and can think methodically.

Average Salary

£27,000 - £70,000

Required Skills

  • Strong communicator and interpreter
  • The ability to keep to budget and stay on top of deadlines
  • Decisive on important issues
  • Analytical skills - able to understand complex data
  • Managerial and leadership qualities

Working Hours


Regular office hours (9am - 5pm) are to be expected for Civil Engineers, although can be a lot of overtime and long days on some projects. Due to the nature of the job there may be long periods of time where you have to work away from home, with frequent site visits a very important part of the role.

Qualification Pathways

Level 3 NVQ

Diploma in Construction Site Supervision

University MEng Degree

University BEng Degree

University BSc or BEng Degree

University HNC/HND or Foundation Degree

Work experience

Chartered Engineer status (CEng)

Engineering Technician (Eng Tech)

Incorporated Engineer status (IEng)

Career Progression

civil engineer

Site Supervision/Surveyor

Site Manager


Senior Civil Engineer

Responsible for managing an engineering project supervising the multiple tasks of junior engineering staff. Can often work several projects simultaneously.

Geotechnical Engineer

Investigate rock, soil, fault and bedrock around a proposed construction site to determine their engineering properties and how they will interact with this environment.

Structural Engineer

Design structures that can take specified amounts of pressure. Ensure that structures do not collapse, vibrate, bend or in any way alter from their default state unless part of the design.

Resident Engineer

Supervise construction staff, including other engineers, while providing technical advice regarding design, construction and material quantity/cost to management.

Highways Engineer

Plan, design construct and maintain roads, bridges and tunnels.

Required PPE

Sturdy shoes with a protective toe box and non-slip soles

Hard hat

High-vis jacket

Protective goggles/visor


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