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Health & Safety Test Every person wishing to work on a construction site in the UK needs to pass a health and safety test. Passing is also necessary to apply for a skill card such as a CSCS card.
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CSCS, JIB Cards Required by most construction sites, skill cards show your qualifications skills, and health & safety test pass.
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Construction NVQ Get your NVQ while at work with our on-site NVQ assessment. A qualified assessor will come to your workplace to assess you.
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Free Mock CSCS Test We are offering a completely free mock CSCS Test at our South East London offices. Test you health and safety knowledge in exam conditions for free!
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What is Necessary for a CSCS Card Application?

What is necessary for a CSCS Card applicationThe Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card lets potential employers know what you are qualified to do on a construction or demolition site. Since the Card has become an industry standard, with more than 80% of all UK building sites operating a “No Card, No Work” policy, attaining the right CSCS Card has become extremely important. Recent case studies show that major secondary employers (such as universities and supermarkets) are also refusing to let construction personnel work on their sites without the CSCS Smart Card.

In order to apply for a card, you’ll need to complete the relevant Health and Safety Test. CSCS runs different types of health and safety test according to the type of work that you do. Your work determines the test you have to take; and your level of experience or qualifications (usually NVQ or SVQ, but also some trade specific certifications) determines the colour of Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card you are eligible for.

Qualifications and the CSCS Card

In many cases, a CSCS Card application must be backed up by the relevant levels of industry qualification. In order to apply for a Blue Card, for example, you will need to have achieved an NVQ or SVQ to Level 2 in the appropriate area: or to have gained an industry specific qualification that is deemed to meet the same level of expertise.

When you pass your CSCS Test, Construction Support Line will apply for a card on your behalf. Your card is then dispatched to you directly by CSCS.

Exemptions from Qualifications That Can Still Be Awarded A CSCS Card

Within the CSCS Card scheme there are provisions for awarding a Card without the applicant possessing the qualifications normally required for it. This normally occurs where an operative or site worker has plenty of on the job experience but has missed the opportunities to attain industry qualifications. It is possible, for example, to get a Red CSCS Smart Card as an Experienced Worker, without holding an NVQ or SVQ. In this case on the job experience of one year in the last three is permissible in conjunction with a pass on the relevant CSCS Test.

Where a site worker is applying for a CSCS Card that shows that he or she holds a higher position in the industry (a technical, supervisory or management position) but has no NVQ or SVQ qualifications, a Red Card for Experienced Technicians, Supervisors or Managers may be issued under certain stipulations. The card is intended as a stop gap, to be replaced by a Gold CSCS Cardor Black CSCS Card as soon as possible. An unqualified Manager, Supervisor or Technician must have registered for a Construction NVQ or SVQ in order to receive a Red CSCS Card.

Where to Find Out What You Need To Achieve For Your CSCS Card Application

apply cscs cardIf you are not sure what qualifications you need for the right CSCS Card, ask us on 0203 051 1004 or online. One of our agents will talk to you about the kind of work you do and the qualifications you have.

From there they can advise you on the qualifications you need and the card type you should be applying for.

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