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Health & Safety Test Every person wishing to work on a construction site in the UK needs to pass a health and safety test. Passing is also necessary to apply for a skill card such as a CSCS card.
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CSCS, JIB Cards Required by most construction sites, skill cards show your qualifications skills, and health & safety test pass.
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Construction NVQ Get your NVQ while at work with our on-site NVQ assessment. A qualified assessor will come to your workplace to assess you.
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Free Mock CSCS Test We are offering a completely free mock CSCS Test at our South East London offices. Test you health and safety knowledge in exam conditions for free!
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The Black Management CSCS Card

Black CSCS CardThe Black CSCS card is available for all construction manager occupations. It covers Site Managers as well as other construction roles that include senior manager functions; such as senior supervisors. The manager card is valid for 5 years and the level achieved by the card holder will be printed on the reverse of the card allowing employers to easily recognise the competency level of the worker.

Getting the Black CSCS Card

Candidates wishing to apply for the Black CSCS card must have achieved the required level of qualifications relevant to their chosen field of occupation. In addition to holding the required qualifications all eligible candidates must also sit the Managerial and Professional CSCS Test; also known as MAP. However, in some cases applicants who have attained the relevant qualifications in the last two years can be exempt from the MAP CSCS test and will be able to apply for the Black management card directly.

Black CSCS Card If you are an experienced manager or supervisor but you do not hold the required qualifications you can apply for the red Experienced Manager card. This card is valid for three years allowing you to complete the qualifications in order to gain a Black CSCS card.

However the Experienced Manager card is non renewable so candidates must achieve the qualifications in the allotted time frame in order to be eligible for the Black card application process.

The Profiled Route for Managers

CSCS also offer another alternative to gain the Black CSCS Manager card; this is called the Profiled Route and it was designed for highly competent managers. This route was introduced in response to a high demand from extremely skilled managers and supervisors who, either held the wrong CSCS card level and were prevented from gaining the Black card because of a lack of relevant qualifications, or candidates who held a national qualification that was not recognised by the CSCS scheme (e.g HND or HNC).

The Profiled Route requires the candidate to complete an Evidence Sheet, which is reviewed upon completion of the scheme. An application reviewer also needs to be appointed by the candidate’s employer. The CSCS profiled route can be completed very quickly, with applicants gaining Black cards in as little as two weeks. This route is also becoming more popular following the recent government cuts to national course funding.

At present the Profiled Route is only available for candidates wishing to hold a Black Management card or the Supervisor Gold CSCS Card.


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