Job Description

A construction consultant ensures that a construction project ends with a high quality end product that is within budget and on schedule.

This can include and is not limited to project planning, construction management, schedule delay analysis, risk management, construction cost estimates, litigation support and construction claims.


Required NVQ

Graduate Red Technical Management & Supervisory CSCS Card

NVQ Trainee

Gold CSCS Card (Supervisors)

NVQ Level 3

Black CSCS Card (Managers)

NVQ Level 4

White/Yellow PQP CSCS Card


Why is this a Job for Me?

If you are goal oriented, have good problem solving skills and are an excellent communicator.

Average Salary

£25,000 - £65,000

Required Skills

  • Acute knowledge of current health and safety legislation
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Decisive decision making
  • Above average mathematical ability
  • Excellent communication skills

Working Hours


Consultants can expect to work a normal 40 hour week with some evening or weekend work to meet deadlines, with time spent travelling from site and site and meeting clients and contractors.

Qualification Pathways




Construction Management



Career Progression


Project Planning

Construction Management


Project planning

Develop the budget and schedule for a construction project. Planning, monitoring and record keeping are all part of this role.

Construction management

Achieved after several years experience in the industry. Develop a programme of work and strategy, plan ahead and oversee several tasks at once with first-rate communication skills.

Risk management

Run site based inspections and audit programmes, introduce cost effective solutions and health and safety advice to busy construction sites.

Litigation support

Provide expert witness reports and evidence on all that goes on on a construction site - investigate project planning and any signs of negligence.

Construction claims

Provide expert advice on the validity of a claim from a contractual standpoint, and offer opinions on the extent of financial entitlement or liability.

Required PPE

Sturdy shoes with a protective toe box and non-slip soles

Hard hat

High-vis jacket


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