Changes to the Green CSCS Card for Labourers

Green CSCS cards are changing…

  1. From 1st of July 2014 the Green Construction Site Operative (CSO) Card will no longer be issued
  2. Labourers will be required to take a course to get the Labourer CSCS Card
  3. NVQ Level 1 holders in specific trades will be able to apply for Dark Green CSCS card

Getting a Labourer CSCS Card

If you are working as a labourer or planning to start work as one, there are three routes to obtain a card:

Route 1: One Day Course + CSCS Test

Route 2: L1 Award (up to 5 days)

Route 3: IOSH Working Safely

Already have an NVQ Level 1?

If you already hold an NVQ level 1 in any construction trade, then the only thing required to get the card is to pass the Health, Safety and Environment test, which you may book on our website.

Not a labourer?

However if you have been working in a different trade from labouring for at least 2 years now and do not hold any qualifications, the best way would be to consider applying for NVQ level 2 or higher in order to obtain the skilled worker or advanced craft cards.

Getting an NVQ

To get an NVQ or find out more information, simply apply on our website, or call our customer service advisers.

In order to apply for an NVQ level 2 or higher you are only required to have two years on site experience in the trade.

Still unsure what your card requirements are?

Our customer support advisers can assist you on getting the correct CSCS card for your job role. We will be able to answer any questions you may have, all you have to do is call us, or leave your details on our website.

How can we help?

We can guide you through the entire process, and make it as simple as possible…

  • Get the correct CSCS Card
  • Health & Safety Test Online/Phone Booking
  • L1 Qualification in Health & Safety in Construction
  • Site Safety Plus Courses
  • Your Questions Answered!

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