Yellow CSCS Card - Construction Site Visitor

Why get a CSCS card?

The Yellow CSCS Construction Site Visitor card is intended for those individuals with no specific construction skills or functions, but nonetheless need to visit one or more construction sites from time to time.

Do I qualify?

This card is meant for those who often work alongside construction workers, but not for the purposes of doing physical work on site, such as property owners and company directors.

All attendees must already have passed the Operatives CITB Health & Safety Test before seeking this certification.

How long is it valid for?

This card is valid for five years and can be renewed.

What is the next step?

If you feel that a different type of CSCS certification would be more appropriate or lead you to new opportunities, a Black (Manager) CSCS Card may be the next logical step. Of course, we would be happy to help you discover the next phase in your certification, and your career.

Last updated: Monday 12 February 2018 09:22:20

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