What is the Health, Safety & Environment Test?

The Health, Safety & Environment Test (also known as the CSCS Test) is a check of your basic knowledge of safety measures that must be taken while working on site. There are several tests available covering different occupations and the different rules that must be taken into account while working with certain equipment or on certain work areas.

How do I prepare for the Health, Safety and Environment test?

We offer official CSCS Revision Material including mock test DVDs and revision books to help you pass the test.

We highly recommend that you make use of the practise material that we offer to make sure that you pass, especially if you are taking the test for the first time.

What documents do you need to bring to the test?

When you arrive at your testing centre, you will be expected to bring certain documents along. Please ensure that you bring a Proof of Identity with your picture and signature. This can be a new style UK driving license (with photo) or a passport.

Please make sure that your documents are valid and up-to-date for this.If you are intending to bring another form of Identification, please check with us first; you may need to bring additional forms of ID in this case.

Where can I take my Health, Safety & Environment Test?

There are more than 150 accredited Test Centres throughout the UK. When using the booking form you can find the test centre nearest and most convenient to you.

If you decide to take the test at the Construction Support centre in Stratford, London, we can usually even arrange for you to come in on the same day. No other test centre in the country offers this service. We will also give you a mock test on the spot, which may help to enhance your chances of passing.

How long does the test last?

The Health & Safety test will only take 45 minutes to complete and will include 50 multiple choice questions. When you pass the test, you will be given your certificate at the testing centre, which will be valid for 2 years to apply for a CSCS card. Upon a successful CSCS card application your test validity is extended until the expiry of your CSCS card (usually 5 years).

What do I do after passing the test?

We can also help you apply for your CSCS Card. Once you receive your CSCS card, your Health, Safety and Environment Test will be valid for as long as you keep the same CSCS Card renewed. You will likely be required to pass the Health, Safety and Environment Test again if you decide to apply for another kind of CSCS card (after more than two years).

All CSCS Cards require you to pass the test, however the majority of cards also require either an NVQ qualification, Construction Course certification, or work experience.

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Health & Safety Test Types

Operatives Test

The Operatives Test should be taken by site workers with non-specific skill set, including labourers, bricklayers and carpenters.

Working at Heights Test

The Working at Heights Test should be taken by workers who face the hazard of working at a significant height off the ground.

Supervisor Test

The Supervisor Test should be taken by construction professionals in a supervisory role.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Test

The HVACR Test should be taken by workers work install or repair Refrigeration and other cooling equipment.

Pipe Fitting and Welding Test

The PFW Test is for anyone working in a welding or pipe fitting role.

National Demolition Training Group Test

The NDTG Test should be taken by any construction professional working in demolition.

Managerial and professional Test

This test should be taken by any individual who works in construction in a managerial role.

Lift and Escalator Test

The LAE Test is to be taken by workers who fit or repairer lifts and escalators.

Highways Test

The Highways Test should be taken by workers who work on or near roadways with significant traffic flow.

Ductwork Test

The Ductwork Test must be taken by workers who supply ventilation for air conditioning and heating units.

JIB Test

The JIB Test should be taken by plumbers.

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