demolition operative

demolition operative

Job Description

A demolition operative is responsible for the dismantling of derelict or old buildings and structures. The job consists of taking down structures in as coordinated and safe a way as possible.

In performing this task you will use a wide variety of advanced tools, including explosives, so health and safety is paramount to this position.


Required NVQ

Red/Green CCDO Card

NVQ Trainee

Blue CCDO Card

NVQ Level 2

Gold CCDO Card

Supervisor NVQ Level 3/4

Managers CCDO Card

NVQ Level 5

Why is this a Job for Me?

If you have a decent level of physical fitness, are up-to-date on the latest construction health and safety regulations and work well in a team.

Average Salary

£12,000 - £23,000

Required Skills

  • Good fitness levels and capable of working at heights
  • Able to understand/quickly learn diagrams and instructions
  • Fully up-to-date on the latest health and safety regulations
  • Good communicator and team member
  • Prior knowledge of construction methods helpful to understand how best to dismantle structures

Working Hours


Demolition Operatives work a normal 39 hour week, which may involve overtime on evenings and weekends.

Qualification Pathways

Demolition Apprentice

Level 2 NVQ

Diploma in Demolition (Construction)

Career Progression

demolition operative

Demolition Supervisor

Demolition Site Manager


Robotic Demolition

Operate a powerful demolition machine designed to negotiate stairs and lifts, and capable of breaking down walls, slabs and brickwork.

Hydraulic Crunching

Reduce reinforced concrete structures with this environmentally friendly method of demolition suitable for areas difficult to access by robotic machines.


Plant and set off charges after examining structures and their surrounding areas to assess health and safety implications.

Crane & Ball

Use a wrecking ball to demolish concrete and masonry structures by operating a crane.

Selective Demolition

Salvage materials from interior/exterior demolition jobs that can be recycled such as brick, metals, concrete and wood.

Required PPE

Sturdy shoes with a protective toe box and non-slip soles

Hard hat

Earplugs/ear defenders

Protective goggles/visor


High-vis jacket

Required Tools

Pry Bars

Safely pry nailed wood and lift tiles and wood flooring. Get into tighter spaces than a crowbar can manage.


Unlike other construction jobs that require hammers, you are going to require several different types of heavy duty hammer for this job. Knock holes in drywall to locate gas, power or water lines, or get a bigger hammer to knock through wood support beams and interior framing. The biggest hammers will handle brickwork.

San Angelo Bar

A cross between a pry bar and a spear, this heavy instrument has a chisel on one end and a sharp point on the other. Break up stubborn flooring, red clay, or if you apply enough force, concrete. Only suitable for use on flooring due to its heavy duty weight.


As with the hammers you need to buy, demolition operatives will need a full range of screwdrivers to accommodate a wide variety of jobs. Screwdrivers are perfect for taking apart fittings and more delicate work, where bashing through partitions and breaking up concrete isn't necessary and may actually be counter productive to your task.


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