Things You Should Know About The Building Surveyor SMSTS

The SMSTS scheme was launched in 2002 by the CITB and aims to reduce the number of accidents on construction sites. It stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme and many trades need to have passed the course to be able to manage on site. This includes building surveyors.

building surveyor smsts

Here are a few things you need to know about the building surveyor SMSTS:

What is an SMSTS?

It is a course with an exam that tests your understanding of how to manage health and safety within the workforce. It is a five day course and covers a variety of subjects, from risk assessment, health and safety methods, excavations, demolition, scaffolding and Construction Design Management (CDM).

The SMSTS is the same test whether you are a land surveyor, quantity surveyor, building surveyor or technical surveyor. Actually it is the same whatever trade you do, on site, as long as you are in a management role.

The qualification lasts for five years and every five years the manager is required to sit a two day refresher course and test. This allows for health and safety update legislation to be introduced to managers to be used on site.

Will it improve my job prospects and career?

Many large employers, both employing full time managers or consultants, require managers to have the SMSTS qualification. It is possible you would not be allowed on site without it. Many companies pay for trainee managers or progressive supervisors to sit the exam.

Health and Safety is an issue that is heavily regulated and high profile and more and more regulation and legislation is added every year. The SMSTS shows employers that you aware of health and safety risk, can manage and mitigate these risks and are committed to achieving high health and safety standards.

This qualification will improve your job prospects and allow you to take more responsibility on site.

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How do I get the SMSTS?

You need to find a course provider and book the five day training. You will receive a mixture of classroom based sessions, including case studies, revision, test practice, group and individual work and presentations.

Some of the work will be technical, or even legal work, based around the Health and Safety Act 1974 and subsequent additions, such as hazardous substance rules, and some will be practical and based on real site scenarios.

You take the exam at the end of the five day course and if you pass you are awarded a certificate. This certificate expires every five years. If you fail you are able to retake at any time having paid the retake fee.

What does this mean for Building Surveyors?

Building Surveyors may not have a specific site management role or experience but are seen as specialist professionals who should have a higher awareness of health and safety issues than other workers.

A building surveyor SMSTS shows you have that this awareness and are part of the overall site management and can communicate to workers their responsibilities and role with minimizing health and safety risks.

These skills need to be reinforced throughout your career as a building surveyor as health and safety regulations and risks change on a constant basis.

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