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Top Tips for Welding Health and Safety

Click below to get in the know about the main welding health and safety risks.

Discover the risks involved in this challenging trade, including breathing in fumes and gases and arc-eye.

Learn more about fires and explosions, industrial deafness, and how you can minimise the risks.

Everything You Need to Know About the PQP Card

Read our guide to the PQP Card, a CSCS Card for professionally qualified people. Discover what to do if you need to apply for one and why you should.

Find out what details are stored on the card, how long it is valid for, and some of the institutions that qualify for the card.

Why Do I Need a Tiling NVQ?

Discover what a Tiling NVQ is and how it can help you to get a Tiling CSCS Card:

  1. Why you need a CSCS card
  2. How a Tiling NVQ will help you
  3. What types of cards are available
  4. How to get your Tiling NVQ


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