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What is a Carpentry CSCS Card?

Ever wondered what a Carpentry CSCS Card is, and which one you might need? Click below to find out:

  • What a Carpentry CSCS Card is
  • What different types of card are available
  • Why you need one
  • How you can apply for/upgrade them

What is The SMSTS 2 Day Refresher?

Ever wondered what an SMSTS 2 Day Refresher course entails, and why you should take it? Read our guide and discover:

  1. Why your certificate needs to be renewed
  2. What the course covers
  3. What is required to pass

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Read our guide to implementing successful health and safety risk assessments for your business, covering:

  • How to undertake risk assessments
  • Generic and specific risk assessments
  • Rating each Health and Safety risk
  • Updating your risk assessments

The History of CSCS

Discover the origins of the CSCS Card with our article, including:

  • What existed before CSCS
  • The Health and Safety problems faced at this time
  • Why CSCS was introduced
  • The current position and results after CSCS was introduced

Health and Safety Hazards

Learn about the main health and safety hazards in the construction industry today with our latest guide, covering:

  • Hazards that cause injuries
  • Hazards that cause industrial diseases
  • Dealing with Hazards via Risk Assessments
  • Minimising the effects with training


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