Banksman Training: What Options do you Have?

Banksman Training

Banksman Training

Banksman training focuses on teaching operatives both to sling loads, and to guide cranes from their position on the ground. There are two competing standards for this training, the CPCS standard and the NPORS standard. They are not equally respected in the industry, and you should choose carefully which one to take.

Slinger/Signaller training is not to be confused with traffic marshalling. This is an entirely different type of work, and had different training requirements despite sometimes being referred to as ‘banksman training’ by many in the industry.

CPCS A40 Slinger/Signaller Banksman Training

This is the more highly respected standard of the two. It is more extensive and considered more difficult, but employers prefer candidates with CPCS banksman training to those with NPORS training, all else being equal.

  • No prior formal instruction is required
  • Considered an entry-level course for the lifting industry.
  • Refresher training is available for those who have already taken this course.

Combined with the appropriate CPCS technical tests, qualifies you for the Red (Trained Operator) CPCS Card.

NPORS Slinger/Signaller Banksman Training

This training is considered less extensive, and less desirable by most employers.

  • Focuses on basic knowledge and practical skills for loading and guiding cranes.
  • Often takes as little as 2 days, depending on candidate experience and class size
  • Entitles you to an NPORS Operators Card

Would I be employable with an NPORS Operators Card?

Yes, probably. At the moment, these skills are highly in demand, and many NPORS cardholders find work without difficulty. Problems are only likely to arise when you are competing directly with a CPCS card holder.

In the end, you must decide which training is right for your career path, balancing both your short and long term goals. Just remember that if the construction industry starts to experience another slowdown, those with NPORS training may suddenly find themselves in less demand.

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