Celebrating St. George’s Day at Construction Support


England’s construction industry is growing at the moment. You could say it’s the backbone of England, championing change and defending the realm against a return to the dark ages of recession, providing the country with the homes, utilities and quality of life we’ve come to expect. But there is indeed a deeper secret which builders across England keep, and it goes all the way back to St. George and the slaying of the Dragon.

There are many hills said to be the home to dragons across England. To this day they remain untouched, treasure still hiding beneath and their inclines showing the terrifying marks of the dragons coils which once wrapped around them. Knights of days gone by fallen foul of slaying the mythical creature only to die of the poisonous blood within.

In Uffington, the landmark White Horse (though some argue it’s a dragon) watches over the countryside and not too far away you’ll find Dragon Hill. According to local lore, this is the site where St. George battled the dragon. Strangely on the hill’s summit grass does not grow. Like many of the other hills and landmarks across England, it is the perfect location for a new build – yet it’s more than legend and planning departments that stops developers building there.

It’s chalk.

For centuries the building industry has avoided using chalk as its go-to material. Science of course support this decision. Chalk’s porous nature doesn’t suit the need for a strong foundation, and can result in sinkholes and subsidence. So do we thank science? No. Even before science the abbeys and castles were not built on chalk. Men would stay clear of the cursed grounds because of the stone which would not allow life to grow. Funny how the slaying of a dragon before the times of the crusades can go on to protect thousands of builders. No wonder they don’t tell anyone about the secret, it would ruin their burly reputations!

Happy St. Georges Day!

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