What You Need To Know About The Civil Engineer CSCS Card

A civil engineer will find it next to impossible to get work without a Civil Engineer CSCS Card. So what are they, why were they introduced, and how do you get one?

Civil Engineer CSCS Card

What is the Civil Engineer CSCS Card?

The Civil Engineer CSCS Card demonstrates to employers that you have the skills required to work on site. They are an industry standard benchmark.

There are different levels of Civil Engineer CSCS Card which means that an employer can be sure that their employees and sub-contractors are competent to carry out the tasks that they are given.

The Civil Engineer CSCS Card lasts five years and needs to be renewed at the end of the five year period if the holder wants to carry on working in the industry.

Why was the Civil Engineer CSCS Card introduced?

Accident rates in the construction industry were high in the past because there was no way to make sure that employees and sub-contractors were able to carry out their work in a safe manner. The construction industry had one of the highest rates of serious accidents and fatalities in the UK, and industrial diseases were also a serious problem.

Since the Civil Engineer CSCS Card was introduced the accident and disease rates have fallen significantly. Around 80% of construction sites in the UK, including virtually all of the major construction sites, insist that anyone coming on site holds a valid CSCS Card.

All construction sites operated by the Major Constructors Group, which consists of a number of national developers and contractors, make a valid CSCS Card a requirement.

How do you get a Civil Engineer CSCS Card?

Other than the Red CSCS Civil Engineer CSCS Card (which enables NVQ trainees to do on-site work while they learn), you must pass an NVQ. The different levels of CSCS Card require different level NVQs.

As well as having passed an NVQ at the appropriate level, you must also have passed an Operative Health, Safety & Environment Test. This test is also a requirement if you are applying for a Red Civil Engineer CSCS Card.

One you have passed the NVQ and the Health, Safety & Environment Test, it should take around two weeks to get the Civil Engineer CSCS Card.

Renewing and Updating a Civil Engineer CSCS Card

Civil Engineer CSCS Cards are valid for a period of five years. At the end of this five year period you can renew the card if you want to carry on working in the civil engineering sector.

To renew the Civil Engineer CSCS Card, you need to pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test again. This ensures that you are up-to-date with any changes in legislation or working practices.

It is also possible to upgrade your Civil Engineer CSCS Card if you have passed a higher level NVQ. Upgrading increases your job opportunities because holding a higher level CSCS Card means that you can apply for more senior and technically advanced positions.

Some of the higher level Civil Engineer CSCS Cards will require a specialist supervisors test, or Managers and Professionals Health, Safety & Environment test, so you may well need to take a test when you upgrade.

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