Do I Need a Construction Planner SMSTS Pass?

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is now compulsory for management figures so it is essential training to get a Construction Planner SMSTS pass.

The SMSTS is a course designed for people working on site who have management responsibilities such as construction site managers, quantity surveyors, construction directors and project directors etc.

If your role involves planning, organising, monitoring, controlling or managing other construction operatives on site, then this training is something you need to take part in:

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But I am already qualified. Why do I need this extra training?

Well first of all, let’s look at some of the tasks that your current role encompasses. It is likely that you are in charge of the design, coordination and scheduling of the project.

You may also be looking after the budget and involved in forecasting and cost analysis for the people that you are working alongside i.e. the engineers and other construction staff.

Whether your job title is Construction Planner or Project Manager, you may also be creating schedules and generally communicating with all other parties on site.

Because of these responsibilities, you need to have advanced health and safety standards in the eyes of the construction industry.

Why has SMSTS training come about?

The SMSTS has been introduced because of a previous lack of safety on site. The construction industry has undergone a radical overall and now all parties to the construction contract have to have sufficient training in and knowledge of safety issues and factors.

The Health and Safety at Work Act demands this and it is not something that can be ignored.

Where can I take part in SMSTS Training?

SMSTS training is available nationwide. Courses run over five days and can be tailored to suit the needs of the construction company and the employee participating in the training.

Click here to register for an SMSTS course

If your employer is not funding the training on your behalf, a CITB Grant may be available to help you with the costs. This additional training will ensure that you are given the knowledge and skills to deal with all health and safety issues on site.

What does SMSTS training consist of?

The other great thing about this training is that it is very hands-on, rather than textbook orientated. At the end of the training you will be asked to participate in a test to check that you have digested all of the facts and essential elements of the course.

Once you have done this and passed, you will be provided with a Construction Planners Safety Certificate. This piece of paper is crucial as when you move from site to site you may be asked to provide evidence that you have passed the SMSTS training course.

Once I have my SMSTS Certificate, is that the end of the safety training?

Essentially no. The training does have to be refreshed and updated so every five years you will need to re-attend the appropriate course and make sure that your knowledge and skills are current.

Health and safety on site is changing all the time, so without these up-dates, you would not be able to verify that you have adequate understanding of the necessary safety requirements on site.

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