How to Find the Best SMSTS London Course

SMSTS London

Finding an SMSTS London Course

CITB’s Site Management Safety Training Scheme course takes place over 5 days, and ensures that managers, supervisors and client-oriented personnel have the skills and training they need to keep themselves and those they are in charge of safe on the worksite. The SMSTS London course is a practical necessity, but choosing the right provider and facility can be challenging.

This guide will explain the three most important factors in choosing which SMSTS London course to book.

Quality of Tutors

Not all course tutors are the same. Even amongst CITB-accredited SMSTS London tutors, some have a reputation for being better than others.

The best way to determine whether a tutor is of the best quality is to read the testimonials and student reviews on their website.

Adrian Hunt

26 Oct 2015


A great course and experience I took the CITB Site Safety plus Health & safety awareness plus CSCS card test. All the staff at Construction Support were very friendly and helpful. The instructor for the course was top notch and provided a knowledgeable & humorous but professional approach to a class of 20 from all different backgrounds of construction and maintenance.

It was a real eye opener to the dangers and hazards faced on construction sites and the procedures that go into keeping everyone safe. A positive attitude and common sense goes a long way highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get in the construction industry CS good company to use.

You can also look closely at the qualifications and experience that tutor has, both in terms of teaching and working in the industry. For example, this is a table of Construction Support’s own course tutors, and their details.

Name Experience Qualifications
Waclaw Cwiecek 20 Years NEBOSH Construction H&S, IOSH Managing Safely, PTTLS, SMSTS
Scott Bramley 17 Years NEBOSH Construction H&S, NVQ L4 in Occupational H&S, PTTLS, SMSTS
Javid Ram 7 Years NEBOSH Construction H&S, PTTLS, SMSTS

Use information like this to compare different course providers.

Making sure you choose a highly skilled and well-qualified tutor is vital to making sure you gain the most from the SMSTS London course, and keep your people as safe as possible on site.

Availability of Public Transport Links

The SMSTS London course takes place over 5 days, and transportation is always an issue in the city! You need to choose a testing centre which you can get to easily. If you drive, make sure there is adequate parking nearby or at the testing centre itself.

SMSTS London Map

As a great many students take public transportation, it will be more important to them that the SMSTS London testing centre they choose is accessible by train, tube and/or bus. Cab fare to and from for five days can add up to a substantial added expense if you choose the wrong testing facility.

SMSTS Course Dates

You have some choice when booking a 5-day course like the SMSTS. Will it be easier for you to do the entire course at once, over the course of a single week Monday through Friday, or would it be better to book an SMSTS London course that takes place one day a week for 5 weeks? If so, which day is best for you?

You may want to talk this over with work, and see what they prefer, and consider whether you’ve booked any holidays or special occasions during the time in question. For example, just click here to see the dates available for our next few SMSTS courses.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

One of the last things to check is to see how often courses are cancelled or rescheduled for that course. This is important as you may need to take time off work for the course, so finding out that your course has been cancelled will mean that you potentially miss out on days of paid work.

By checking the testimonials of the course provider, and asking your colleagues, you can have a good idea if your provider has a reputation for cancelling or rescheduling courses.

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