Should I Apply for a Roofer SMSTS Course?

The manager of a roofing team can apply to do a Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course, to increase his or her health and safety skills at management level.

The roofer SMSTS course is designed to give delegates a broad ability to comply with all current regulations regarding Construction Design and Management (CDM) and health and safety at work.

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So does the roofer SMSTS course qualify me to be a project manager?

No. The roofer SMSTS course is a professional development course, and can make you a better roofing project manager than you already are. It is not a qualification to become a project manager though. You will only need to take the SMSTS course if you have already achieved the role of team or project manager within your roofing company.

What does the course teach me that I don’t already know?

The roofer SMSTS course gives you a chance to go into the following areas of health and safety and CDM:

  • Demolition
  • Excavations
  • Working at heights
  • The safe design of construction sites and projects
  • Your responsibilities for training and assessing employee health and safety

The course delves into current legislation and best practice in detail, so it allows you to expand and strengthen your existing knowledge.

But some of those things aren’t a roofer’s problem…

That’s true – but as a roofing project manager it’s likely you’ll be taking your team onto sites where other contractors are working. The roofer SMSTS course will teach you how to factor all the health and safety elements affecting the site into your own risk assessments, method statements and working practices.

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Sounds useful. How do I take the course?

You can take a roofer SMSTS course at a number of learning institutions all over the UK. It’s a week long, and is normally delivered by a selection of industry experts including roofers and construction site managers.

How is the course structured?

The course includes daily projects, which are assessed by the industry experts as you go. There’s also a multiple choice exam at the end of the week, which consolidates everything you’ve learned. You’ll get at least two practice runs at the exam during the course of the week. Learning materials are provided.

What happens if I can’t attend for the full five days?

You won’t pass. SMSTS certificates are given on the condition that the candidate has attended every full day of the course. This is to make sure that you have been exposed to the latest information about every aspect of site health and safety and team management.

How long does the qualification last for?

Once you have completed a full roofer SMSTS course, you will be certified for five years. In order to maintain the qualification, you’ll need to take a refresher course at the end of the five year period. The refresher course is shorter (a two day course), and is designed to bring you up to date with new developments or best practices in construction site health and safety. The refresher course is also passed with a multiple choice exam.

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