Do I need CCNSG Safety Passport to Work in Engineering?

CCNSG Safety Passport

CCNSG Safety Passport

The CCNSG Safety Passport scheme was developed to ensure that workers in the engineering construction field have sufficient health and safety training to work on potentially dangerous worksites without putting themselves, or their co-workers, at risk. It is similar in many ways to the CSCS Test, but is specific to engineering construction, and the hazards present on these worksites.

You may not be able to work without a CCNSG Safety Passport

Some worksites will only require a standard CSCS card, but others will not grant site access (or the change to work) to those who do not hold a full CCNSG certification. The distinction is ultimately up to the client running the site itself, as they have the best understanding of the nature and risk profile of any given site. If they determine that a Safety Passport is required, then nothing else will do.

A CCNSG Safety Passport might make it easier to get other certifications

The CCNSG Safety Passport encompasses all of the skills and training as the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test, and adds engineering construction-specific content to that. As it is more extensive than the CSCS test, several types of certification will accept the CCNSG safety passport instead of the CSCS test, saving you some time and money.

Just a few examples of certifications that will waive the CSCS Test requirement for CCNSG Safety  Passport holders include:

In short, you won’t need the Safety Passport if you are sure you won’t be working on engineering construction sites.

However, if you know you will be working on such a site or you aren’t sure whether you will need to do so, you may be better off getting the more extensive CCNSG certification now. It could expand your career opportunities substantially.

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