Why its Easy to Find SSSTS Jobs with the Course

SSSTS Jobs Course

What is SSSTS?

The SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) is an important part of CITB’s Site Safety Plus scheme. The SSSTS course takes place in a classroom setting over 2 days, and is designed for anyone who supervises or is looking to supervise other employees on the worksite. SSSTS jobs require you to have passed the course to be able to work.

What SSSTS jobs are out there?

Many employers in the UK construction industry require you to have SSSTS certification before they will hire you for any role that involves supervising others on site.

SSSTS jobs include:

  • Team Leader
  • Ganger
  • Site Foreman

…and several others.

Higher level jobs such as Site Manager would require the more detailed SMSTS training.

Why is the SSSTS course important?

Anyone who supervises others on a construction site is expected to make sure they do their jobs in a safe yet efficient manner. Keeping your workers safe is a challenge on a modern worksite, and without the latest safety and hazard awareness training you won’t really be up to the task. UKCG (The United Kingdom Contractors Group) recognises the SSSTS course as meeting its standards for every supervisor role on a UKCG site.

How many Supervisor jobs require SSSTS certification?

Virtually all of them. The SSSTS has become the industry standard across the UK for supervisor safety training. Most employers, especially the larger ones, won’t hire you without an SSSTS card. Learn more about taking the SSSTS course here.

Why do employers prefer SSSTS certified people?

Simply put, the skills you learn in the SSSTS course make you a better supervisor or team leader. Employers know that a certified supervisor understands the legal standards that their workers and the company must live up to, how to spot and deal with risks and hazards on site, and how to ensure that their workers develop good safety habits. Untrained supervisors cause accidents and cost them both time and money. That is why organisations like the Kier Group will only hire supervisors who are SSSTS certified.

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