Why Do I Need a Tiling NVQ?

To secure work as a professional tiler, one of the things that you will need is a CSCS card. One of the main qualifications you will need to achieve this is a Tiling NVQ.

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Why do I need a CSCS Card?

Because the CSCS card is now the accepted norm to get on a construction site and do your job. Over 80% of construction sites in the UK, which includes nearly all of the major construction firms require that workers have a CSCS Card. The Major Constructors Group (which consists of a number of national developers and contractors) and the Major House Builders Group both insist on CSCS Cards.

Without a valid CSCS Card it will be nearly impossible to get work on construction sites in the UK, with most employers now adopting the “no card, no job!” ethos. The CSCS Card above all else is a demonstration that you are competent and understand current health and safety legislation and practice.

How does a Tiling NVQ help me?

To get the necessary CSCS card to work on a construction site, the first thing you need to do is to pass a Tiling NVQ. Once you have done this there is also a  Health, Safety & Environment Test to pass.

There are several different Tiling NVQ levels that you can take at different levels. The higher level Tiling NVQs give you access to higher level CSCS Cards. With these qualifications and higher classes of card you will have a greater range of employment opportunities and increased on-site responsibility.

What types of cards are available?

The different types of CSCS Cards available are:

  • Green Tiling CSCS Card for construction site operatives (requires a Level 1 Tiling NVQ)
  • Blue Tiling CSCS Card for skilled dry liners (requires a Level 2 Tiling NVQ)
  • Gold Tiling CSCS Card for supervisors (requires a Level 3 Tiling NVQ)
  • Black Tiling CSCS Card for people in managerial roles (requires a Level 4 Tiling NVQ or better)

A Tiling CSCS Card lasts for five years, although it can be renewed at the end of the five year period.

For those who are in the process of gaining their first NVQ qualification in tiling, there is a A Red Trainee Tiling CSCS Card also available. The Red Tiling CSCS Card lasts for one year.

How do I get a Tiling NVQ?

One of the best things about gaining your Tiling NVQ is the method by which you attain it. These days, you can earn your qualifications via work-based assessment, where a professional in the field grades the competence of your work. This is called On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT). This method means that you do not need to take time off work to get the qualification, which in turn reduces any costs associated with becoming accredited.

OSAT will typically involve a selection of mandatory units that you need to pass. Additionally, you must also pass at least one optional unit.

The duration of an NVQ will all depend on the level of NVQ you are taking and your current level of experience.

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