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What’s Covered on a Plumbers CSCS Test?

Since 1995, the CSCS scheme has been in operation so that high levels of health and safety are maintained in the construction industry.

The JIB PMES plumbing and gas health and safety test are specifically designed for use by plumbers. Those working in this industry can take the test in order to obtain this affiliate CSCS card.  Without taking this test and obtaining the resulting CSCS card, you might struggle to gain employment or access to construction sites.

plumbers cscs test


You will receive a letter confirming your attendance for a plumbers CSCS test in the post.

It is strongly suggested that you gain access to some revision packs prior to sitting the test. This will aid you in passing the test quickly and with reduced stress. DVDs, books and tapes can be bought online as aids to your learning process. Contained in the revision books are mock tests which can help you anticipate the type of questions (and possible answers) you may come across.

It is good practice to arrive slightly earlier than the test start. Fifteen minutes early ensures you are not flustered and rushed. Those who arrive late may not be allowed to enter and will forfeit their fee. Two forms of ID (one photo ID) are required upon arrival to ensure the correct person is sitting the exam.

Exam conditions

The plumbers CSCS test is usually taken on a computer touch screen in exam conditions.  The test environment is maintained for 45 minutes.

Due to exam conditions the plumbers CSCS test requires that your belongings are kept in a separate room. Most training facilities will have storage lockers or an alternative in order to secure your items.

The test is multi-choice so the candidate may have to choose one answer out of a possible four.  Usually it begins with a health and safety recap, useful for any last minute revision. However this is not mandatory and if so wished you can just sit the 30 minute test.

Test content

The test contains fifty questions. These are mostly based on potential hazards pertinent to your trade.

Twelve questions will be based on a particular case study in your field. This may for example show a plumber’s typical day and question the behaviour he/she exhibits.

The remaining questions will cover general health and safety knowledge and best practice.

Six questions will cover specialist topics for managers.

The following topics are covered:

  • Job roles
  • Preventing accidents
  • General health & well-being
  • Lifting safely
  • Managing heights
  • Explosives/detonations
  • Fire extinguisher colour coding
  • Signs and symbols
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Basic first aid.

Finally some plumbing specific questions will be found on the test criteria.

Results/obtaining your card

Depending on the organisation, some training facilities will give you your plumbers CSCS test results straight away. They may highlight areas of improvement or weaknesses. Other facilities require you to send away for you certificate.

In order to receive your plumbers CSCS card, you will need to apply for it within a two year period. If two years have already elapsed, you will have to re-take your test. Additionally you will need to keep continually updated on the new and upcoming health and safety issues. Two years after completing your plumber CSCS test and obtaining your plumbers CSCS card you will need to take a new test.

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