What’s Involved in the Construction Supervisor NVQ?

The construction supervisor National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is a high level qualification intended to show your skills and competence at supervision or managerial level.

construction supervisor nvq

The modules you take to make up your course are heavily dictated by your existing experience and your purpose for taking on the training. You might be an established site supervisor with no formal qualifications, or you could be a skilled worker looking to develop skills to the next level. You could even be a new supervisor within a specific trade who needs to back up his or her role with the right qualifications and CSCS card.

Can you explain some of the modules I’ll have to take?

Bearing in mind that some of your modules will be dictated by the trade or role in which you work (see above) – we can give you an idea of the overall feeling of the course.

You’ll need to pass a number of mandatory units, including:

  • Health and safety system maintenance
  • Environmental awareness
  • Work planning and delegation
  • Maintenance of material supplies
  • Project communications
  • Cost management and quantity control

As you can see from the list, the mandatory modules are all about controlling and managing projects and sites in a safe and profitable manner. In other words: the construction supervisor NVQ is as much about how to safely run the business of building as it is about building itself.

I am experienced, but not formally qualified. Can I get a construction supervisor NVQ?

Yes. Plenty of construction supervisor NVQ courses are either designed with non-formally qualified delegates in mind, or are suitable for attendees who have the experience and skill but not the piece of paper.

For example, you can often take the Level 3 qualification without having to “officially” pass Level 2: as long as your assessor thinks that you know enough, and have been in the trade long enough to start at Level 3, you should be able to get straight into the supervisory qualifications.

Does the construction supervisor NVQ get me a job as a supervisor?

No, but it gives you the qualifications to back up your applications for supervisory positions.

The construction supervisor NVQ lets you apply for the gold supervisor’s CSCS card, which is evidence that you have the accreditation you need to perform high level roles on site and in the building industry.

With most major sites and contractors requiring all workers to have a CSCS card, getting the NVQ that puts you in line for jobs suited to your level of experience is vital.

What’s the difference between NVQ Level 3 and NVQ Level 4?

In theory, it’s possible to have both a construction supervisor NVQ Level 3 and one at Level 4, sometimes as a result of doing a single course.

It depends very much on your area of expertise, the reasons why you’re getting the qualification, and the requirements of your employer or your industry.

For instance, you might end up with a Level 3 in Site Supervision; a Level 4 in Site Management; and a Level 3 in Construction Contracting Operations – they’re all supervisory and managerial qualifications, but they’ve been tailored to a particular role or industry.

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