Where is My Closest CSCS Test Sheffield Centre?

The CSCS test Sheffield centre is at Orchard House, on Leopold Street right in the city centre. You’ll find Orchard House just off of Church Street, on the one way system near Towhead Street and Trippet Lane. The full address of the centre is: Orchard House, 3rd Floor, Leopold Street, Sheffield S1 2GY.

cscs test sheffield

Booking a CSCS test at Leopold House

You can book your CSCS health and safety test at Leopold House online or over the phone by visiting our CSCS test centre page.

Your test can be booked for a quick turnaround; it’s not uncommon to book at the CSCS Test Sheffield centre and get a time and date 48 hours after your enquiry.

Construction in Sheffield

There’s plenty of construction in Sheffield at the moment: the University Technical College is being built by a local firm (Wate), and Balfour Beatty has just been awarded a huge contract to build the new Sheffield University Engineering building.

The project involves the demolition of an existing site – the listed Edwardian part of the Jessop Hospital – and the creation of a purpose built engineering facility.

The appearance is designed to recall the period details of the Hospital wing while also bringing to mind the function and reputation of the Engineering Faculty.

What does that have to do with the CSCS test Sheffield centre?

When you pass your CSCS test, you’ll become eligible for a CSCS card – which shows the length and breadth of your experience and health and safety knowledge in your chosen role.

If you’re a labourer, a trainee site worker or just starting out in your trade, the CSCS card you get will make you much more likely to get work on these big building sites – or with any one of Sheffield’s hundreds of construction firms.

As well as the major work suppliers in the area, there are plenty of smaller plumbing, electrical and building outfits you can join, whose work ranges from property maintenance to infrastructure maintenance.

How soon after I take my test can I get work?

When you pass your test at the Orchard House CSCS Test Sheffield Centre, you may be able to get work while you are waiting for your card to come through (bear in mind that the card application process is separate from the test pass).

Individual employers will have their own rules for whether you can work while you are waiting for your CSCS card or whether you have to wait until you’ve received it.

As long as you have the relevant industry qualification for the card you need, you should be able to apply as soon as you’ve got your test pass, so it won’t be long before you can get the jobs you want.

Why do the big construction firms want me to have a CSCS card?

In Sheffield, and in the rest of the country, large construction firms have turned to the CSCS card as a way of proving that the holder is properly qualified to work on a big site – and that he or she has the right level of health and safety awareness.

Going to the CSCS Test Sheffield Centre at Orchard House is the start of your being able to prove this – and get onto contracts like the Sheffield University Engineering Building.

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