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Which NEBOSH Construction Course is Best for You?

NEBOSH Construction Courses

NEBOSH Construction Course

A NEBOSH construction course is the only way to qualify for your NEBOSH certification, which is pretty much the world standard for anyone working (or looking for work) in the fields of environmental management or health and safety.

Which NEBOSH Construction Course Do I Need for My CSCS AQP Card?

One of the reasons many people take a NEBOSH construction course is that it is required to gain their CSCS Academically Qualified Person (AQP) Card. The good news is that any of the courses listed below will count toward your AQP qualification.

The real question is which course suits you and your career goals best.

Types of NEBOSH Construction Courses

If you aren’t sure which NEBOSH course to take, here we will show you who the most popular NEBOSH courses are intended for.

NEBOSH Certificate

NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

This course is intended for managers and supervisors who are responsible for ensuring that their contractors are working in a safe manner, or who oversee temporary workplaces. Building and utilities managers are examples.

NEBOSH Level 3 Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

The level 3 certificate is specifically for managers and supervisors in the UK construction industry, especially those advancing their CDM (Construction Design and Management) careers.

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

This course is aimed primarily at managers or those supervisors who are responsible for the safety of others on the worksite. CDM duty holders and H&S advisors are excellent examples.

NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

This course is aimed at those supervisors or managers who will be working outside the UK, especially those responsible for HS&E compliance.

NEBOSH Diploma

NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

This course is perfect for beginning HS&E professionals, or those who are still trying to gain their first experiences in the field. It is an excellent next step from the NEBOSH National General Certificate.

NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

This is the international equivalent of the National Diploma, and is the leading qualification for those seeking HS&E employment outside of the UK.

NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

This is the most advanced NEBOSH Construction Course we offer, and is aimed at high level executives in the health and safety field. Examples include HS&E Advisors and Directors.

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