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Health, Safety & Environment Test

To be able to work on a construction site you will need to pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test. After you passed it you can apply for a CSCS card.

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Health, Safety & Environment Test

What Is The Health, Safety & Environment Test:

The Construction Skills Health, Safety & Environment Test is the prescribed standard for the construction industry. This test is appeared for by 500,000 people each year. It certifies that all the people working on the construction site have the prescribed level of health and safety awareness.

The test is revamped regularly in order to keep the syllabus up to date with the latest policies and ascertain that it does meet the criteria. That is the reason behind the new Managerial and Profession Health, Safety & Environment Test.

How To Go About Preparing For The Health, Safety & Environment Test

Prepare for the test well and you have nothing to worry. Of course, good health and safety training will certainly help you.

I f you have the requisite training, experience and knowledge about health and safety then you will find the test easy provided you practice the test format and kind of questions asked.

In case of less experience in this field, then you need to devote more time to the preparation. You might want to consider attending a one day course that will help in a more structured preparation.

There are several books, and DVDs to help you prepare. These can be ordered from the Test preparation center

How To Take The Health, Safety & Environment Test

There are several test taking centers all over the UK and at last count there were 150 test taking locations. The test uses the technology of the internet and mobile phone so that the test can literally come to your doorstep.

Booking your Health, Safety & Environment Test

You can book your health, safety and environment test with us now and will be able to sit your exam as little as two days from the date of your booking. Simply fill out the booking form at the top of the page and we will arrange your test at a time most convenient for you.

What is The Health, Safety & Environment Test about?

The test is based on the format of multiple choice questions that are answered using a computer. The right answer option can be ticked either by using the computer mouse or the touch screen technology.

Do not worry if you aren't computer savvy. You can have a practice session on how to manage the computer before you start the test. This is optional. All the tests have staff around and therefore, help can always be asked for, if need be.

The questions are framed from the syllabus and mostly cover topics like site hazards, working at heights, how to handle and use dangerous substances and how to interpret warning signs. There is a comprehensive list of all possible questions in the Test Question Bank and the DVD.

There are different tests based on the kind of CSCS card that you are applying for. You will be helped with this when you book the test. The kind of test that you have chosen, based on the card that you are applying for, will determine the type of questions and the number of questions that you will be asked in the test.

The usual test has 50 questions and the time given is 45 minutes. If you have opted for a specialized test then you will have 50 questions and 60 minutes to solve it in. The time is sufficient as usually candidates complete the test way before the time runs out.

What are the different categories of The Health, Safety & Environment Test?

At the moment there are 14 different types of tests based on the different trades. This is to give the candidate customized health and safety skills and inputs based on their relevant job profile.

If you want to know further about the category of test that is applicable to you, then you should find out at the relevant card schemes directly.

Here are the 14 categories to help you decide which one you fall under:

  • Operative
  • Supervisory
  • Managerial & Professional
  • Plumbing and Gas
  • Highways
  • Pipefitting/Welding (HVACR)
  • Ductwork (HVACR)
  • National Demolition Training Group
  • Lift and Escalator
  • Working at Heights
  • Tunnelling
  • Heating and Plumbing Services
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Services and Facilities Maintenance

What are the special arrangements made for The Health, Safety & Environment Test?

The test center has headphones using which you can use to listen to the questions as they appear on your computer screen.

There are voice-overs for the test in different foreign languages. If not so, then an interpreter can be arranged for at the test center. This is for test centers that have interpreters' booths.

The test is certainly the best way for you to ensure that your migrant workers on the construction site are skilled, capable and absolutely safe as they do know and follow the prescribed health and safety measures.

After The Health, Safety & Environment Test

As soon as the test is over the candidate will receive the pass or fail information on a printed paper. They can re-book themselves for a retest in case of failure. There is special help that they can avail for revision and test preparation.

Book a Health, Safety & Environment Test

Book your CSCS Card or Health Safety Test online and save if you refer 3 or more people at the same time.

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