Job Description

Plasterers prepare the interior surfaces of buildings for decoration, by mixing and then pasting plaster onto them.

This task is done with varying layers onto different types of surface, including floors, walls and ceilings. The dual function of protection and visual improvement makes plastering an in demand trade.


Required NVQ

Red CSCS Card

NVQ Trainee

Green CSCS Card

NVQ Level 1

Blue CSCS Card

NVQ Level 2

Gold CSCS Card (Supervisors)

NVQ Level 3

Black CSCS Card (Managers)

NVQ Level 4

Why is this a Job for Me?

If you have excellent hand-eye coordination, good attention to detail and natural artistic ability.

Average Salary

£14,000 - £28,000

Required Skills

  • Fine hand-eye coordination skills
  • Upper-body strength for prolonged working periods on ceiling and high walls
  • Physical stamina - plasterers do their work standing up or bending down
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Artistic ability - very important for decorative plastering

Working Hours


Plasterers can expect to work 39 hours a week on average, from Monday to Friday. Overtime hours are also fairly common across the trade.

Qualification Pathways

Level 2 NVQ

Diploma in Plastering (Fibrous)

Level 3 NVQ

Diploma in Plastering

Level 3 NVQ

Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision

Level 3 Construction Diploma

Plastering training qualification

Career Progression



Project Manager


Internal plastering

Apply a finish to the walls of buildings using a range of materials for different surfaces, such as earth plasters, gypsum based plasters, and hand riven or sawn lathes.

External renovation

Finish the outer walls of buildings, with either sand and cement render for new buildings or lime renders for old buildings.

Decorative plastering

Manufacture and fit centrepieces, panel moulds and columns in stately homes or traditional buildings.

Restorative plastering

Use traditional plastering methods to help restore and preserve historic plaster finishes.

Veneer plastering

Make a one-coat application of thin liquid plaster that provides a beautiful interior surface that will remain moisture resistant.

Required PPE

Sturdy shoes with a protective toe box and non-slip soles

Eyeshield/safety visor

Hard hat


Odour masks

Required Tools

Plastering float

Used to apply plaster and smooth out a surface - you wont be able to complete a plastering job without one.


Needed to mix the plaster in - must be clean before use as nothing must be allowed to mix with the plaster.

Plasterer's hawk

Flat square surface with handle used to temporarily hold viscous plaster. Excellent basic tool to help improve your plastering speed and efficiency.

Mixer drill

Used to mix the plaster in your bucket - far easier than attempting this by hand with a much more consistent result.

Plasterer's Trowel

A trowel helps get the base coat (or undercoat) onto the wall you are working on. This handy tool is great for the early stages of a plastering job, but is not suitable for finishing one.


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