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What Are the 4 Key CSCS Test Requirements?

Follow our four key CSCS test requirements and discover what you need to do to pass the test, including:

  1. Ensuring you book the right test
  2. Learning your Health and Safety
  3. Being ready on the day
  4. Refresher courses for managers

What is a Carpentry CSCS Card?

Ever wondered what a Carpentry CSCS Card is, and which one you might need? Click below to find out:

  • What a Carpentry CSCS Card is
  • What different types of card are available
  • Why you need one
  • How you can apply for/upgrade them

Should I Take SMSTS Or SSSTS?

Which should you choose to take – SMSTS or SSSTS? Follow our guide to find out:

  • What the SMSTS is
  • What the SSSTS is
  • Which course needs to be refreshed
  • Other differences
  • How Do I Complete a CSCS Application Form?

    Read our helpful guide to make sure you have chosen the right CSCS application form and the right supporting documents for your CSCS Card application.

    Make sure you know how to get a form, which form you need, what is on the form and what you need to provide to ensure you get your CSCS card.

    How Do You Find SMSTS Jobs?

    Once you’ve got your SMSTS, where are the best places to go to find SMSTS jobs?

    Discover how agencies, websites and the Jobcentre combined can help you to get yourself a job working on behalf of this great scheme.



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