Monthly Archives: February 2016

Love Construction? Enter our Valentines Day Photo Competition

All you need to do is send us a photo of how you celebrate Valentines Day with the hashtag #LoveConstruction to one of our social media accounts.

Get your photo posted by Sunday at 11.59PM and on Monday we will select the winner of a bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolates delivered to your door!

Is Cheap Chinese Steel Costing UK Jobs?

In the wake of Tata Steel’s January 18th announcement that it would be cutting more than 1000 jobs in the UK alone, many are worried. This is on top of the 1200+ job cuts Tata announced in October of 2015. Tata itself puts the blame on inexpensive steel imports, mainly from China.

IPAF Training Material Now on Tablets and Smartphones

They will be making a variety of learning tools available early this year, which will dramatically change the way the theory module of IPAF testing is done. Once these tools are adopted, a student will have the option of revising for the theory section online in complete privacy and security, on nearly any internet capable device.



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