Monthly Archives: March 2016

Why Construction NVQ’s make a Difference – Linda Ginn

Construction Support NVQ Assessment

Bubbly yet determined, Linda Ginn is the Quality Assurance Manager for Construction Support. Linda’s role with the company it doesn’t stop with NVQs, though. She is responsible for all of the company’s training qualifications. Her thorough approach to the process has put the firm at the very top when it comes to quality site training…

Wearing the Green and your SafePASS on St Patrick’s Day

  As St Patrick’s Day draws near, even those of us without a drop of Irish blood like to celebrate the Emerald Isle and what its people have given to the world. Also, if anyone from the UK (or elsewhere, really) is thinking of doing any construction work south of Warrenpoint, you’ll need to know…

Lack of Qualified Workers Harming Construction Industry

  According to last year’s survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the unmet demand for skilled construction workers has not been so dire since the crisis of 1998, and is only expected to get worse. Worse skills shortage on record Since RICS began tracking skills shortage 18 years ago, there has never been…

Construction Tax Fraud: What Do You Need To Know?

  Cheating the tax man has been a part of the construction industry since Ancient Rome, and probably before that. However, in an attempt to offset the rigours of austerity, the UK has been putting its foot down on the subject over the last few years. MTIC Fraud Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) fraud classically…

Celebrating Construction Support’s 6th Birthday

Today we are celebrating our 6th birthday in helping the construction industry. Our company was established in March 6th 2010 in a small office to help construction workers nationwide obtain the required CSCS cards to be able to work on site. Now we have multiple centres nationwide for training courses and qualifications. Since we launched…



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