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CISRS Card Online Application

The CISRS Card

The CISRS Card (Construction Industry Scaffolders Registry Scheme) is a CSCS Card affiliated scheme for scaffolding workers. The CISRS Card provides an industry recognised standard of accreditation, which proves that you have the skills, competence and health and safety knowledge to work in your trade to the level you desire. UK construction employers will look to your CISRS Card to show them what Construction NVQ Level, or industry specific qualification equivalent, you have attained - so it is vitally important to get the right one.

How long is my CISRS Card valid for? How do I renew my CISRS Card?

Your CISRS Card shows its expiry date on the front. Construction Support Line can arrange for new or replacement Cards.

How to Get a CISRS Card

If required Construction Support Line can book your CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test for you. Your Test may be booked in as little as 48 hours.

To apply for a CISRS Card please fill out the form above.

How the CISRS Card Works

Your CISRS Card will show your current photograph on the front. It will also list your name; your registration number; and the expiry date of the card. You'll find a CSCS hologram at the top of the Card - and all the endorsements showing your qualification route on the back.

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Apply for or Renew a CISRS Card Online

Get your CISRS Card online and save if you refer 3 or more people at the same time.

CISRS Card Guide

Basic CISRS Card
The Basic Access Systems Erector Card is without colour coding. This CISRS Card is awarded to non-scaffolders who have a working need to erect basic scaffolding systems - such as bricklayers. The Card is affiliated through the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test and is a qualification in its own right, to make basic scaffolds for working purposes.
Green CISRS Card
The Green Labourers CISRS Card is awarded to scaffolders with basic site skills only. It requires a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test pass, as do all CISRS Cards. It also requires a Construction NVQ Level 1 in the relevant trade.
Red CISRS Card
The Red Trainee CISRS Card is awarded to trainee scaffolders, who are working towards a Construction NVQ Level 2. Once Level 2 has been attained, the scaffolder is eligible for a Blue Card.
Blue CISRS Card
The Blue CISRS Card for Scaffolders is equivalent to a CSCS Skilled Workers Card. It requires NVQ Level 2.
Gold CISRS Card
The Gold CISRS Card for Advanced Scaffolders is equivalent to the CSCS Supervisors Card. It requires NVQ Level 3 - and, again, the correct pass in the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. A Gold CISRS Scaffold Inspection Card requires a Construction NVQ Level 3.
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